Bluewaters is one of Sumaes01's towns. It has been rated five out of five stars by the Town Star Ratings Board. It's on File #1, because we're #1. You can thank TheHatter for the name, which was inspired by Bluewater Village from The Sims 2: Open for Business. However, because the thing where you name your town only takes so many letters it wouldn't accept "Bluewater Village" and thus, it was shortened to just "Bluewaters". Plus, the name fits because the Essence Creator (his name is Jay, btw) has blue hair. Jay also recommends you wear sunglasses while looking at him because he doesn't want to "blind" you with his "brilliance". However none of the residents wear sunglasses because they think he's pretty naive and self-obsessed, despite the fact that he built the town with his BARE HANDS. The residents really should be more grateful. o.o;

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