Sir Buddington III

Character Info Edit

Type Commercial Sim
Star Level Star Level 0
Role Owner of Blynxville
Residence Name Buddington Hotel

Sir Gerald Buddington III, or simply Buddy, is the current owner of Blynxville, and the grandson of the founder of Blynxville, Gerald "Blynx" Buddington. Buddy had been given the deed to the town, only a few days prior to a car accident that had killed his father, Sir Gerald Buddington II. After the tragedy, Buddy decided that he wanted to help the people of his town, the same way his father had helped him, and had done so by converting his mansion into a hotel. After Buddy decided that he didn't want to be "in charge" of everything, he appointed the most Studious citizen, Rosalyn P. Marshall, to be the mayor of the town, and stepped down to the role of the hotel's bellhop.

Buddy became a good friend of the essence master, once he had come to town. After the essence master mysteriously disappeared, he was very sad. Once Wayne R. Johnson, a new essence master prodigy, showed up in town, they too became good friends.