Cap'n Ginny
Cap'n Ginny in Bluewaters

Character Info Edit

Modified Version of Pirate Captain Virgina
Location Cap'n Ginny's, Desert
Role Pirate Captain, Tavern Owner
Exterior Interest Percentages 77% Fun, 0% Everything Else
Interior Interest Percentages 100% Fun, 22% Cute, 11% Tasty, 0% Everything Else
Relationship with Essence Creator 1st Mate (or "best friend" if you're boring)
Interests Loves Fun, Likes Cute, Hates Studious

Cap'n Ginny is still a pirate captain. YARRRR. When she's not fighting people with her maps, she's reading them. Her crew consists of her boyfriend Pablo and everyone else who visits her tavern (the lifeguard, the cheerleader sisters, the stuntman, the DJ, Beebee, and Dolly). Surprisingly enough, Cedella visits the tavern from time to time too. Since Cedella likes Studious and Ginny hates it, Cedella probably only comes for the drink dispenser.

Ginny doesn't wear her captain's hat anymore because she forgot to buy Pablo a gift on their one-month anniversary so she just gave it to him. She has a parrot named Randolph and sometimes she pulls him out of her pocket and talks with him. Yeah; she learned to speak bird on one of the islands she pretended to sail off to with Pablo.