Cassandra in Bluewaters

Character Info Edit

Modified Version of Cassandra
Number of Sightings in Town Square 4
Number of Sightings in Forest 0
Number of Sightings in Desert 0
Relationship with Essence Creator Friend
In Bluewaters, Cassandra was first summoned by Violet Nightshade at Star Level 1. After Violet was moved out, Cassandra was not seen until Star Level 4 because no Spooky sims were in town until then. At Star Level 4, Madame Zoe summoned Cassandra via Séance for the second time. Currently, Jay is pretty good friends with her, probably because they are both supernatural (Cassy's a ghost, Jay's a vampire). He hopes to become best friends with her so he can steal receive her blueprints and put them in Crystal's house.