Elmira Clamp
Elmira in Bluewaters

Character Info Edit

Modified Version of That librarian chick... what was her name again? OH YEAH, ELMIRA
Location Elmira's Library, Town Square
Role Librarian, Library Owner
Exterior Interest Percentages 50% Studious, 15% Spooky, 2% Tasty, 0% Everything Else
Interior Interest Percentages 100% Studious, 11% Spooky, 9% Cute, 5% Tasty, 2% Geeky, 0% Fun
Relationship with Essence Creator Biffle/BFF/BFFL/Best Friend/WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT
Interests Loves Studious, Likes Spooky, Hates Fun

Elmira Clamp is still her grumpy old self in Bluewaters. She owns and runs this really spooky lookin' library, but it's not that spooky lookin' on the inside. The only spooky stuff on the inside is the dead wood counters, the three black rose plants, and the scary stories. Her nephew, Ian, lives right next door. Ian helps to run the library by stamping books and... stamping books. Yeah, that's basically the only thing he does there besides turning on the small television, but he gets a decent sum of simoleons for it.

The sims who visit her library the most consist of Makoto and Amelia because they need to study for school and do homework. Cedella, Madame Zoe, and Rosalyn P. Marshall sometime come to the library too. The café owner likes to check out cook-books, The fortune teller likes to check out scary stories, and the mayor likes to check out history books. For this reason, Elmira has greatly expanded her stock of those kinds of books. Well, with the help of Jay, of course.

Elmira also has two pet piggies who she refuses to slaughter for food purposes. The one outside the library is named Pigglez and the one on the inside's name is Porkz. Pigglez loves corn and Porkz loves ice cream. No one ever sees the pigs moving around, but Elmira says they move when you're not looking.