Chef Gino Delicioso

Character Info Edit

Modified Version of Unmodified
Location Gino's Pizzeria, Town Square
Role Famous Italian Chef, Pizzeria Owner in Cocoa Isle
Exterior Interest Percentages 30% Tasty, 0% Everything Else
Interior Interest Percentages 33% Tasty, 4% Fun, 3% Studious, 0% Everything Else
Relationship with Essence Creator Best Friend
Interests Loves Tasty, Likes Fun, Hates Geeky

Gino Delicioso is a world famous chef who has come to set up one of his Pizzerias in Cocoa Isle. He takes lots of pride in his work and is a perfectionist who can juggle tomatoes. He lives in his "tasty" house in the center-square in the Town Center. He was the first sim to move in after Josh arrived.

There have been a few changes inside his house since he moved in as he now has all the items he requested, as well as a new dining area for the restaurant and some of his old naff counters being replaced by new, colourful ones. When not in his Pizzeria, he can usually be seen visiting one of the remaining residents, picnicking or by the fountain.