Patrick Rhino

Character Info Edit

Modified Version of Unmodified
Location Patrick's House, Town Square
Role Resident of Cocoa Isle
Exterior Interest Percentages 5% Tasty, 0% Everything Else
Interior Interest Percentages 21% Tasty, 3% Studious
Relationship with Essence Creator Friend
Interests Loves Tasty, Likes Spooky, Hates Geeky

Patrick Rhino is a tasty, townie sim in Cocoa Isle. He is nearly always hungry and is very casual and laid-back. He lives in his "tasty" house by the wishing well. He was one of the remaining five residents and was there before Josh arrived.

Not much has changed inside his house since Josh's arrival except he now has a Red and Green Apple bed. It broke several months ago after the majority of Cocoa Isle was left deserted and since no one left in Cocoa Isle knew much about repairing, he has been using his couch as a bed. However, now that Josh has moved in, he now has a bed and they have created plans to do a mini renovation on Patrick's House. Also, since Gino's Pizzaria opened up, he has started to go into the town more often.